IA-Connections products and services:

  • Create state of the art marketing and educational tools
  • Publish and design informational and educational materials in CD or downloadable formats
  • Develop and deploy custom web sites for professionals
  • Customize page content with features such as flash and audio


It is a competitive world out there. Whether you are a large or small business, product or service provider your main concern these days has got to be getting the word out. That’s where we come in. We can shout it from the housetopsproduce Internet audiomake a few seconds of pictures to replace all of the wordsvideo or Flash presentationsor use those words to your best advantageInternet or print copywriting and website design.

In today’s technology environment, having an effective web presence is a vital part of your credibility as a professional and essential to sales.

Your web page offers an effective and inexpensive way to communicate your business and product information to potential consumers. Your web presence offer an adjunct to your full marketing plan but it is only an extention, not a replacement, to traditional marketing. We can assist you from design to hosting your web page or independent web site; in either traditional advertising or multi-media marketing.

We provide site augmentation designed to inform existing clients and customers, and potential referrals Hosting your web page or independent web site and developing the right Internet Presentation for the people you want to reach; a complete package for attracting potential customers and assisting existing clients.