Costs for production, a general guide:
(Charges below are reduced by 20% to non-profit organizations and by 10% to businesses who have a policy of regular donations to non-profits.)
Production fees for audio programming:

  • $50 per show/individual shows (maximum 30 minutes)
    plus $100 if we provide a host or voice talent
  • $30 per show for an ongoing program contract for your site
    with you as host

Production fees for video programming:

  • $100 per 3 minutes with your video plus $100 if we provide voice talent or music mix

Production fees print advertising and design:

  • $30 per hour for basic design work
  • $100 per hour for artwork on contract (you own the final art and it can be reused)
  • $50 per hour for research and ad placement – this includes formatting of already created artwork to comply with specific media requirements

Book Store:

  • Fee of 12% of each sale if our e-commerce is used
  • Payment and statement monthly
  • Shipping and handling by seller directly to buyer (we do not inventory)
  • Must ship within 2 weeks of order


We have found that small businesses and websites are often very strong in one area while being weak in others, so we have created the Advantage process. This allows for a 1 hour conference or site review which assesses the website or business needs. The cost of the assessment is only $100 and may include more than one of our experts. You get a written report on our findings, which also details suggested steps to improve your business presence and a timeline to accomplish these changes. If you follow up by contracting us to do the required work (over $300 after any other discounts that may apply) we credit your initial investment toward that chargeThis means up to a one-third savings on your marketing overhaul!


One-time seminars, conferences, instructional material. Fees: Please contact us with details of your project and we will give you an estimate tailored to your needs. PLUS: Cost of any travel or special equipment, materials, etc. on top of basic fees.

Internal or external web sites for information, education, or advertising, integrating audio into presentations. Fees: $125 per hour, plus audio production costs, plus cost of any travel or special equipment or materials on top of these basic fees.