Our business is to provide Your Business with the Materials to be successful. This means traditional approaches such as print, but it also includes a wide range of new technologies. Some answers to the most commonly asked questions about marketing with new technology:
Many business and professional relationships are helped by putting useful information into written form. We can produce multi-media books on CD, cards, flyers, and promotional materials such as catalogues. Our CD books are excellent and inexpensie promotional toold that have the feel of a real book, where the pages turn with a mouse click and the reader can make notes right in the book! that become a part of their experience. We can include extensive imagery (charts, graphs, pictures) that are not always feasible in a print book. In print materials we provide pre-press and design for standard print material, and can print the finished full color, black ink, or bound product.

Education, presentations, and conferencing:
Conducting business on the Internet is getting easier and better but there are some things you need to know if your event (workshop, trade show, presentation) is to be a success.
What do we do?

We design and develop Enterprise-wide Knowledge Transfer Systems, including development of e-learning strategy and implementation, gaining the support of stakeholders, evaluation and selection of LMS/LCMS technology and use of blended learning strategies; development and implementation of tool suites, templates, and guidelines for content development.

If the problems you face include asynchronous,synchronous, time-sensitive, global delivery of knowledge for the purpose of making a positive change in the way you do business, then you can find the cost effective solution your looking for with our help.

…That’s the technical description. The one in simple English is that we provide audio and video services for a wide range of Internet uses; everything from education to advertising and entertainment. If it doesn’t just sit there; if it brings your users more than they expect; if it is interactive, reaches multiple layers of cognition; or if it is innovative, it is what we do.

What is an Internet Media Presentation?

The static web page does a lot, but an online event can do more. Using audio and video technology gives your business or organization the ability to educate, inform, teach, and train without the cost or inconvenience of travel. Live events can be transformed into permanent resources, or a one-time class can be augmented by audio and video presentations that increase the appeal and, ultimately the value of your effort.

I’ve heard the phrases: web meetings, webinars, web seminars, and webcasts; is that what you are talking about?

Most things on the Internet have multiple names as everyone works to make a mark on the developing technology. In this case, the names refer to what is basically the same process, though some of us have been doing it longer than others. There is a basic technology to these audio and video presentations, by any name, and that is what these terms refer to. It is possible to split definition hairs a webinar, for instance is generally assumed to have a larger participant group than a web meeting but the important part of all of these terms is how they serve your individual needs. We are taking the concept, which evolved from a kind of meeting spontaneity, into the realm of a complete, and often very complex, presentation that can be ephemeral and spontaneous or formal and permanent or anything in between!

If almost any name will work, why Internet Media Presentations?

It’s true, developing technologies often have many names, but in naming our service we tried to think of something that would reflect our primary goal, in the broadest terms possible. Here at IA-C, we are working on presenting your business or organization, your information, and your products to the world. In reality, the presentations we design can be used on your intranet or put on a CD for use without connecting to any other computer systems. It is that versatile…

But we had to call it something.

Why would my business use this technology?

The answer to that is as varied as the kinds of businesses who use the Internet today. Some typical uses might include:

  • Product display
  • Seminars or workshops
  • Educational materials, such as user manuals online
  • Simple enhancement for a portion of any basic web site
  • Preservation and reuse of any valued information presentation
  • Trade Shows

What types of material can I use to create my Internet Media Presentation?

What do you want to use? It is as simple as that. Our consultants go over your materials with you and help you prepare the most effective presentation possible from audio recordings, pictures, film, live interaction web meetings… If it can be put on media we can make a presentation out of it. BUT, what we won’t do is try to sell you on technology or tools that don’t suit your needs. Too much of a good thing soon fails to be good.

How can I get this technology to work for me?

There are lots of ways, from buying the tools yourself to contracting someone else to do it for you. If you are in the position most businesses are these days, the ways you are looking for are going to require the least outlay in time and resources from your business.

What if I hate technology and have never done a presentation of any kind before?

It is your business or organization that is being represented so don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t need to be involved in this process, but a good provider with experience of both the technology and the design elements of a good presentation can help you create an effective Internet Media Presentation as efficiently as possible, and with that economy you are looking for as well.

If my company already owns a collaborative technology for running small web meetings, can’t I use it to produce an Internet Media Presentation?

Of course you can… Maybe! But consider that:

  • Your current provider may not be equipped with the features or the function you need to achieve your objectives. If that is the case, you may find yourself compromising the life right out of your project.
  • You may find yourself needing to learn more about the technology than you want in order to make it do what you need. This can affect the final result because, even if you make this sows ear into a silk purse, you may not have the time to spend on material and design to make your Internet Media Presentation a success.

Why reinvent the wheel when IA-Connections& has been working to make this technology work for you since 1997.

Do you have a question about what can be done to get your message to the world?
Send us an email detailing you objectives and we will do our best to give you a simple and straight-forward answer. We have answers.