We are part of NewVoices and our corporate family includes a publishing company, production company, and years of experience both in advertising and in Internet Marketing and Production.

We have our own equipment for: CD/DVD recording and duplicating, book printing and binding; and software for image creation, including Flash production.

We have skilled voices contracting to us and our production staff is outstanding.

We have have proven ourselves over time.

Don’t let optimistic talk about technologies of the future fool you into thinking that good advertising and production are no longer expected by your customers. Get it done by a professional.


We have been turning our artistic needs over to IA-C for some time now, everything from book cover design to print and advertising, and our results have been outstanding.

General Manager
Sonora Press Inc.
The IA-Connections Advantage process helped me organize, quantify, and present the unique value of the state-of-the art printing process used by Sonora Press Inc. The Advantage process directed us to discover the business value delivered by focusing on the measurable results and connected what we do well to the bottom line. We realized how important it is to continually differentiate Sonora Press Inc. by seeking opportunities where efforts will lead to delivering measurable business value.

Auriga Consulting Services
“IA-C has provided excellent work for our clients. They have come in on time, creating A/V presentations and e-learning materials which have been easy to use, well integrated to the client need, and effective. We are pleased to recommend them.”

Dave Jones
Director Educational Services
IKOS Systems, Inc.
“Processing and producing video-audio products is a complex and difficult process. Your attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality, time-sensitive work, on schedule has made it possible for IKOS to implement a media-rich eLearning program that met objectives for both IKOS and its customers, and within budget. We look forward to a continued rewarding business relationship with you.”