Advertising for the small business or website has grown to include more than just print, though we do that to. Here at Independent Advertising Connections, we broaden the scope to include: Print, Flash, Audio and Video pesentations. We can provide a full range of design and production services for your business and your customers.

We can do

  • Both audio and video production, integrating the two to develop effective presentations.
  • Full presentation design (if you choose) include working with your graphical materials and following your corporate or organizational outline so the finished product can integrate into your existing materials seamlessly.
  • Design and host your site, or store materials on our site (those large AV files for instance).
  • Work with online conferencing materials, preparing stored files/presentations from the materials developed in this setting. And, yes, we do all of this remotely (which includes by telephone).
  • A full range of printing services for business and personal use.

What we won’t do is waste your time with tricks and gimmicks. We use only the technology that will enhance your materials and presentation.
Our goal is your best result.